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Selected Papers in Spring 2017


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Selected Papers in Summer 2015

Selected Papers in Spring 2014

Selected Papers in Spring 2013

Selected Papers in Fall 2012

Selected Papers in Summer 2012

Selected Papers in Spring 2012

Selected Papers in Summer 2011

Note that a strike-through item below indicates that it has been picked for presentation.

  • Recent Advances of Large-scale Linear Classification.
  • Hashing Algorithms for Large-scale Learning, Ping Li et al., Technical report, 2011.
  • Parallel Coordinate Descent for L1-Regularized Loss Minimization, Joseph Bradley et al., ICML, 2011.
  • Multi-Label Classification on Tree- and DAG-Structured Hierarchies, Wei Bi, James Kwok, ICML, 2011.
  • Ultra-Fast Optimization Algorithm for Sparse Multi Kernel Learning, Francesco Orabona, Luo Jie, ICML, 2011.
  • P-packSVM: Parallel Primal grAdient desCent Kernel SVM, Zeyuan Allen Zhu et al., ICDM, 2009
  • Adaptive Kernel Approximation for Large-Scale Non-Linear SVM Prediction, Michele Cossalter et al., ICML, 2011.
  • A Sequential Dual Method for Large Scale Multi-class Linear SVMs, Sathiya Keerthi et al., KDD, 2008.
  • Suboptimal Solution Path Algorithm for Support Vector Machine, Masayuki Karasuyama and Ichiro Takeuchi, ICML, 2011.
  • Collaborative Filtering in a Non-Uniform World: Learning with the Weighted Trace Norm, Ruslan Salakhutdinov and Nathan Srebro, NIPS, 2010.



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  • An evaluation of statistical approaches to text categorization (Y. Yang)
  • A re-examination of text categorization methods (Y. Yang)
  • Parallel sequential minimal optimization for the training of support vector machines
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